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iTero Digital Scanner

1. Digital Impressions

2. Digital Cavity Detection

3. Intraoral Camera

What is the iTero scanner?

The iTero scanner is an intraoral digital camera that takes the place of traditional impressions to create 3D models of your teeth and gums.  It removes the need for uncomfortable impression trays and runny impression materials.  It helps detect cavities and also serves as a slender camera for taking clear images.

What can the iTero scanner be use for?

  • Creates more accurate, digital 3D models of teeth and gums.
  • Essential part of Invisalign treatment.
  • Takes color pictures of teeth and gums.
  • Detects cavities and aids in diagnosis.
  • Provides visual aids to educate patients.
  • Maps out how much contact/pressure each tooth gets when you bite.
  • Stores digital models and pictures for individual patients.
  • Tracks progression of conditions over time.
  • Sends models, pictures, and information to labs instantly.

What are the benefits of the iTero scanner?

As you can see from the list above there are several uses for the iTero.  Here are just a few of the important benefits:

  • The models that are created are more accurate than traditional impressions which means your Invisalign trays, crowns, bridges, retainers, night guards, surgical implant guides, dentures, etc. will have a more perfect fit.
  • There are no uncomfortable trays needed and no gagging impression materials needed.
  • The impression of the whole mouth can be completed comfortably in a couple minutes which also saves time.
  •  iTero is a seamless partner with Invisalign which allows digital scans to be sent directly to Invisalign for quicker lab communication and product turnaround.  Furthermore, we can digitally send all of the acquired models, pictures and records to our dental labs instantly.  This means a quicker turnaround and delivery of your crowns, veneers, retainers or whatever product the lab is making for us.
  •  The 3D digital models can be viewed and manipulated just like regular physical models with the added benefit of being able to see a topographical like map of how much pressure each tooth is getting when you bite together.  This is very important to make sure patients have an even, and comfortable bite.
  • The digital models and pictures that are taken are stored online for each patient. This information can be accessed at any time and used to compare to previous models and see progression or worn teeth, cracked teeth, old silver filings, discolored teeth, and the general position of teeth.  This information is crucial for allowing us to diagnose disease and disease progression at an early stage.  This also allows us to keep your digital models for safe keeping just in case you break a retainer or crown and we can print off another physical model using the digital model and easily make your new retainer or restoration.
  • There is a built-in setting that allows us to detect cavities between teeth and on the surfaces of teeth.  This also enables us to detect small cracks in the enamel of teeth that would otherwise be very difficult to detect.  This is just another tool we use in conjunction with radiographs and examinations in the mouth.
  • We can show all this information to our patients on the convenient screen attached to the scanner.  This is crucial in the patient education process.  We can clearly show patients the problem areas and they can actually see what we are talking about instead of trying to understand what we are pointing at on x-rays.

Intraoral Imaging

Is an Intraoral Image different than an x-ray?

Yes, our iTero digital imaging system and our small intraoral cameras allow us to capture clear color images of teeth that get saved in your records. The intraoral camera is a lightweight, stylish tool that can be used in order to take high quality color pictures of your teeth and gums and other parts of your mouth for accurate diagnosis. These images are extremely helpful for several reasons.  We can use these images to track the progression of concerning areas such as small cracks in enamel, old silver fillings, or stained areas.  We are also able to show these images to our patients on our tv screens in each room for better patient education.  This allows us to show patients the current condition of their teeth and gums, so they understand their treatment options.  Another benefit is the ability to send these images to insurance companies who may be trying to deny benefits for a certain procedure. We can show them details of the teeth with these pictures that are not always visible on x-rays.  This ensures that our patients can fully utilize their dental insurance benefits.  Click Here to learn more about the iTero digital scanner and digital impressions.

Digital Cavity Detection

We are pleased to announce that cavity detection is now a reality through our iTero imaging system.  The iTero imaging system is a slender digital camera that uses Near-Infrared Imaging (NIRI) technology to aid in cavity detection between teeth and on the chewing surfaces in real time. The system captures 3D geometry and color of dental structures using a non-contact, focus detection technique.  We use this system in combination with digital 2D radiographs, CBCT 3D radiographs, and a clinical examination by one of our experienced dentists.  This ensures that we have all the information necessary to make a proper conservative diagnosis.  We are able to distinguish between stains and cavities and detect problems when they are in an early stage so that treatment is more conservative and minimizes costs for you. 

We use our iTero digital scanner every day at Chandler Dental to help improve the quality of care and we absolutely love it and our patients do too.  Give us a call today and get a free digital scan of your mouth so we can give you a tour of your oral health.

iTero Digital Scanner

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