Emergency Dentistry in Chandler, Arizona

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We at Chandler Dental know how a toothache can ruin your day and wreck your day. Toothaches are extremely painful and we are happy to offer same day treatment to help you alleviate your pain. Please call and see us today to help you! The following may help you if you are unable to make it in today.

If you or you child has a tooth knock-out. We are sometimes able to place it back in without further treatment. Other times a root canal maybe indicated. Please follow these steps if you do experience a knocked out tooth:

  1. Call us immediately at 480-917-8400
  2. Pick up tooth and try to not touch the root of the tooth. If visibly dirty rinse off with a little warm water.
  3. If possible place the tooth back in the socket, if this is not possible then place the tooth between your cheek and teeth inside your mouth. Or place the tooth in a small cup of saliva or a cup of milk. The last resort would to place the tooth in water. It is important to no allow the tooth to dry out.
  4. Get to the dentist as quickly as possible.
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